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About Gnomes
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A Little About Gnomes

No one can claim to know the origins of the gnomes, not even the gnomes themselves. Indeed, probably no one cares less about gnomish origins than the gnomes. The gnomish mind is so focused on today and tomorrow that the idea of long contemplations of ancient times rarely occurs to them.

Most of their experience of history comes in their notes and texts on former experiments or their families. Indeed, so greatly do the gnomes value family that the ancient gnomish word for “history” originally meant only “genealogy”. As such, the history of the gnomes is really the history of the family of the gnome you’re talking to. Thus, the gnomish story of a city like Areals is really the story of its gnomish families over the centuries—their accomplishments, inventions, feuds, and failings.


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The history kept by other peoples is not always flattering to the gnomes. Though no more malicious than any other people, gnomes tend to be myopic, self-centered, and careless, qualities that often lead to unintended mischief and harm. Still, a number of gnomes have become infamous villains. One of their race’s better qualities is their willingness to admit the failings and foibles of their various relatives, and most readily acknowledge the role played by gnomes in Crystalia’s various tragedies.


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Virtually all of them are enraged over the disappearance of Princess Amethyst, and gnomes have come forward in unprecedented numbers over the years since to actively fight in the Goddess’s name. Many loudly claim that they will not rest until they have remade their race’s reputation. They have a long, hard task ahead of them, but if they truly devote to it all the energy and industry they devote to invention and family matters, they will succeed grandly.


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