Accessing Your Website Account

Accessing Your Website Account

Greetings Ninjas,

Over the past week, we have gotten many emails with questions regarding your past customer accounts. We'd like to take a moment to answer the most common ones we have received. Accounts

We have had several concerned emails about customer's inability to log in and see your account information for Soda Pop Miniatures. We want to assure you that your account information, any outstanding orders, and Kickstarter pledges have not been lost. Everything is intact and we are working on migrating all that information to this new website so it's all available for you to access again.

Once those accounts and account information has been migrated over, we will post an update here. At that time, you will then also be able to change your shipping address if you need to.

Candy Happy

Reset Password Error

If, when trying to reset your password on this new website using the “Forgot your password?” link, you receive this message:

Nine times out of ten it is because you are using the e-mail account you had with which has not been migrated over yet, and that email was not registered to an account on the previous site. 

In this case, you are free to register a new account on this site using your email address from your account in order to make new purchases. When we migrate the accounts we will merge it with your new account so long as it shares the same email address and identity.

There is no need to e-mail us asking for that update, we will announce it here as well.

Customer Service Emails

After you e-mail us, please be patient, we are replying to everyone in the order e-mails come in, repeating your e-mail daily only causes everyone else to have a longer wait.

As you can see on our contact us page:

We appreciate you taking the time to visit Ninja Division Publishing today! If you have any questions about your order or any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that due to Ninja Division being in the process of a companywide reorganization, our customer service bandwidth is extremely limited. To expedite response time please include your order number, full name, mailing address, and account email address.

If you are contacting us about Kickstarter, we are not currently able to respond individually due to the high volume of contacts. We remain committed to providing backers with their rewards and will post new updates to Kickstarter as information becomes available. 

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to work on our reorganization to get your Kickstarter pledges to you and more great new products on your table!


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.


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