Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy Mateys!
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The Scarlett Cutlass Sails Right Meow!

This week we introduce a new class of character to Super Dungeon, The Scarlett Cutlass. This Freyjan Pirate Hero is resplendent in her pirate attire, cute bobbed ears, and razor sharp blade. Players will squeal with delight as our feline frolics through enemies with the grace and ferocity of the deadliest of swordsmen.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass
Scarlett Cutlass is a Mini-Boss, Hero and Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


With her is her loyal pet Jawge. This land shark packs quite a bite! It’s easy to avoid though, just listen for the squeak of his wheels as he feverishly flops towards you on his little cart.

The Scarlett Cutlass can be played as a ferocious mini-boss as well. Best not to cross Dread Scarlett on a bad day, she is liable to send you to Davy Jones. Or worse, feed you some of her notorious Rat Pie!


Super Dungeon Squigglies
Squigglies is a Pet & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


As with all fishy endeavors, we also have a new dungeon creep for our more watery themed dungeoneers to discover. The dreaded Squigglies plague the docks of Clockwork Cove and sailors of the Drowned Isle. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these tiny creatures are devoted minions of the Dark Consul.

On occasion, however, a stray Squigly will also offer a clammy hand to heroes in trouble. Should fighting off these half cephalopod creatures not be to your taste, perhaps you want to own one as a pet?


Turn The Seas Scarlett, Today!


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