All is Green!

All is Green!
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All is Green!

This week, we have an excitingly diverse release with more new content for Super Dungeon!



The earth shakes under heavy hooves, but this is not a knight on his charger, no, this is the Orc Warchief simply known as The Guth! Those foolish enough to stand before him are ridden into the earth, trampled into bits, and served up to his slavering war pig or his skittering mobs of Goblins.


Super Dungeon The Guth


The Guth adds some more brawn to the Dark Consuls dark pantheon of Dungeon Lords. As the savage tribes of Orcs once again stir in Crystalia, at their head is a truly despicable and terrible warlord. He charges through mobs of fighters, leveling enemies with great sweeps of his axe, or throwing wailing Spikers so hard they explode in shrapnel of rusty armor and spikey bits.


Super Dungeon Spikers


Coming with him are the horde like denizens of his warcamp. While the bigger Orcs are out rampaging, there are always mobs of Spikers to be found, eager to impress The Guth for a chance to NOT be included in the menu for his prize war pig. Be careful, though small in stature, these little runts are dangerous in numbers and are adept in piling on when it least suits their victims.


The Soil Turns

All is not doom and darkness, however, as we are also releasing the spritely Kodama Gardener and her pet Sprout, Blossom.  The uncorrupted Kodama are very aware of the growing tendrils of the Dark Consuls power, and amongst them are very talented and fiery caretakers and sprouts willing to do the Goddesses work.


Super Dungeon Kodama Gardener


With trusty hoe in hand, and a bag full of seed to spread, these trusty heroes set out to spread life and healing, and to trim back the evil kudzu spread by the Dark Consuls influence!


Clink, Clank! Now, where’d my wrench get off to?

Even in the dark dank dungeons, the remains of Gnomish adventurers and their contraptions can be found littering the dark corners. That which is not dragged-off for it’s obvious use, is sold in the Pauper Princes’ galleries. A well known collector of Gnomish artifice.

More dangerous than a bunch of gutter snipes with gnomish tools are some of the “Area Denial” Scrap Trap contraptions that are retrofitted and brought back in to bolster the security of a new Dungeon Boss taking up residence.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Nothing will keep inquiring adventurers at bay better than some of the more ingenious and horrible contraptions to come off of the Gnomish forges. Sentries that can burn a Dwarf to a crisp with it’s searing eye, animated blocks of spite and malice … and stone… that chase those that linger to close, and block escape in rooms that are decked out with other, sometimes explosive, traps built in the very floors and walls!


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Enjoy these additions Adventurers! Whether you are keen on battling your way through an Orc infested Dungeon, risking life and limb against Gnomish inventions, or willing to take on a Dungeon au’ naturale, we think we might have something for you!


Go Green, Today!


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