Arena Champion

Arena Champion
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The Fennek are a reclusive race. To see one participate in the Arena is shocking. To see one rise to become Arena Champion is almost unfathomable. Yet there are rumors that the fennek secretly run the Arena, searching for Heroes worthy of defending the far-flung roots of the Deeproot Tree. Indeed, those rare few Heroes who have defeated the reigning Arena Champion have all gone on to achieve legendary deeds in service of the Deeproot. Perhaps there is truth to the rumors after all?


Super Dungeon Arena Champion


This more resilient and dexterous hero features some well-rounded combat skills and abilities that have truly helped our Fennek hero climb the charts in the Arena. Surefooted and lethal, not to mention a high STR and reach of 2, this bunny brings the pain with a huge Massive Damage STR attack, but she can also push and shove her way out of the reach of enemies with the Captain Capture skill. In a pinch, she can share a nip of her Cure Cordial and Heal everyone within Wave 1. All round team players like this are hard to come by!


Super Dungeon Arena Champion


One of our truly favorite heroes, the Arena Champion is a great addition to any collection, now available outside of her Arena box game!


Fight With Frilly Fury!


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