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Aurelia requires speed, grace, and unpredictability. Having learned from her Frejyan friends, this Arcadian Dune dancer's rules are modelled off of the indefatigable Nyan-Nyan.


Super Dungeon Aurelia


Her hearty 9-lives means she will likely shrug off the first mortal wounds she suffers in a fight, keeping her in the game. With Teeth & Fur she can cover great distance with Pounce allowing her enhanced movement to close the distance in a fight when needed and Knockdown her foe.


Super Dungeon Aurelia


Aurelia is only the start of our exploration into the Arcadian Dunes and what it1 will look like for adventurers. Whether in the heat of the desert or deep below the sands in ancient tombs and ruined cities, beautiful riches await.


Dance Across the Dunes!


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