Available While Stocks Last!

Available While Stocks Last!
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Zombies At Your Door!

Even under the just rule of the Von Wildings, the Glauerdoom Moor was never a forgiving land. Under the curse of the vampire lord, Von Drakk it is a deadly one. The land has grown sick. The once healthy moors and wetlands have become disease infested, their ancient burial grounds disturbed by grave robbers, witches, and dark creatures. The miserable inhabitants lead miserable lives, knowing that even death will not release them from their service.

We have a very limited stock of Stilt Town Zombies available, While Supplies Last. This expansion for Super Dungeon adds a Hero, the Survivor Marie-Claude, a Pet, Mr. Bitey the Zombie Bunny, along with a Mini-Boss, Gruesome George, and two Spawning Points of monsters. Add some classic horror to your dungeon ready for the upcoming spooky season!


Super Dungeon Stilt Town Zombies


Our Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island pre-order stock is running low! We are awaiting the final batch of components for the remaining sets. Once received we will add them to the few remaining boxes, ready for shipping. These are the very last sets we have and are only available in very limited numbers. This is your final opportunity to get Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island!


Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island


Why not pick up a copy along with Stilt Town Zombies and Jack Scarecrow to make your dungeon spring to unlife. While you still you can!

Check out While Supplies Last and make sure you don't miss out on some of our other great Super Dungeon products before they're gone for good!


Paint the Town Undead Today!


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