Back to School, Beware the Lrod of Spiders!

Back to School, Beware the Lrod of Spiders!

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Back to School! Get ready… get set… Ah, tentacles!

There is no better way to celebrate the return to school than to spend time “prepping” for back to school! Pencils, check! Binder, check! Takoashi girls … check! Back to School Sale, yes please!

To celebrate Back to School Prep Day, for one week only, we are offering a large selection of Takoashi products at 25% off!*  For a full list of products, please see the end of this article. (Discount applied at checkout)

Take a chance on this power squad of fabulous Takoashi girls for your games of Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Takoashi University Heroes


While these girls are hard at work getting ready for new adventures, be sure to also pick up a mini-boss that can keep cool under the most pressing of circumstances, Randy, Lrod of Spiders!  After all, it’s also National Relaxation Day!


Randy, Lrod of Spiders

The Last Galaxy is a place where mighty knights clash with the forces of the void, and a battle for survival rages. But that doesn't mean that the arcades will manage themselves. Randy has been charged with the sacred duty of managing one such arcade. Annoyed at customers who continually vaporize his place of work with high tech weaponry, Randy decided to program himself into his favorite game. But a typo prevented him from being a proper lord, even in a game...


Super Dungeon Randy Lrod Of Spiders


It’s been a while since players have had the chance to pick up Randy, Lrod of Spiders. This mini-boss is a great addition to any collection, especially for the lazy player! Feel the power sapping essence of a mini-boss who can nap, literally, anywhere. And why fight yourself when you can summon minions to do it for you? Randy, Lrod of Spiders awaits your commands, assuming you can catch him between naps.


Super Dungeon Randy Lrod Of Spiders


This Limited Edition Masterclass miniature is returning for one month and will only be available until midnight September 12th.


Add The Lrod To Your Dungeon, Before He’s Gone Again!


Join Takoashi University with 25% off the following:


House Cerberus Occultist, House Phoenix Pugilist,
House Unicorn Diviner, House Siren Enforcer


Tentacle Bento, Karate Fight: Takoashi University,
Culture Club, Kendo Club, School Band, Fitness Club


Teacher's Helper, Study Hall, Kibachan,
Tough Cookie Club, Work Study, Dodgeball


Maid Service, Cephology Club,
Detention, Beach Party Marie-Claude


*Product availability limited. Takoashi University 25% off sale runs through Sunday August 22nd.


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.


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