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I Don’t Want Gold and Fame, All I Want is Bang-Bang!

When Bang-Bang made a Super Dungeon character, she wanted to try something different. She played everything from mage to paladin, but it never felt right. Finally, she settled on a pair of trusty flintlocks. They weren’t so different from what she used every day, but she knew how to use them. And at least she had a wide selection of costumes. Most recently she has been rocking the witch hunter look to annoy Tahariel.


Super Dungeon Bang-Bang


With her trusty sidekick Mr Milky, Bang-Bang takes justice to the ner-do-wells of Crystalia in her Witch Hunter garb. With her penchant for rocking twin guns, her range 6 DEX attack is pretty brisk from the start with a 2 Red DEX attack. Deadeye can add an additional Red DEX to an attack that deals Massive Damage, and she can lay a withering hail of fire down with Covering Fire, helping out nearby teammates by making them less likely to be hit by attacks.


Super Dungeon Bang-Bang


Does this super stacked hero have more to offer? Well, yes. Wind Of Blades also allows Bang-Bang to sacrifice her movement for an additional ranged attack, and should she, or another party member be in need of some healin’, then look no further than her Tall Cool Glass, helping to sooth those extra wounds and effects with its frosty goodness. Solid, dependable, and cute as a button!


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