Beware the Thresher!

Beware the Thresher!
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The Harvest has brought forth a new terror!

The warm weather gives way to cool nights as the great harvest all around Crystalia continues. This year, the farmers and townsfolk look out from shuttered windows and dim their lanterns so as to not draw attention. Wary eyes cast their gaze to the tall fields that surround their villages and homesteads. 

Super Dungeon The Thresher
The Thresher is a Dungeon Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


In the last weeks, we introduced the minions of the Corrupted Harvest, this week, meet their master… the mighty Thresher! Following in it’s campaign of terror are the many servants of the Thresher. As enchanted Strawman constructs are turned to evil, so to are the crows of the field. Too slow to flee from snatching hands in the corn and wheat, they bend to the sinister will of the Dark Consul.


Super Dungeon Underdead Crows
Underdead Crows is a Pets & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


The sky darkens with the rotten flapping wings of the Underdead Crows, heralds of The Thresher's coming. Burning farms light the night sky as the beast inexorably marches into the realms of the good people of Crystalia.


Protect The Harvest And Fight The Thresher, Today!



Two Classics Return!

We are pleased to announce the return of two classic models to the Ninja Division store. These plastic miniatures are now available, while supplies last, for you to add to your collection, today!


Kaelly The Nether Strider

Corrupted by the Dark Consul's malevolent influence, the Nether Striders are his favored instruments of terror. Wrapped in swirling darkness they are expert assassins, claiming the lives of generals, kings, and Heroes alike.

Super Dungeon Kaelly The Nether Strider

Kaelly The Nether Strider is a Mini-Boss and Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Tabbybrook Mage

Mages are rare in Freyjan society. Those few who have both the aptitude and calling for magic inevitably lean towards the elemental disciplines. Tabbybrook Mages, harness water in all its forms, using it to drive enemies back and wash away their companions' wounds. When pressed, they can even unleash frozen blasts of ice or scalding geysers that burn the flesh with all the intensity of fire.


Super Dungeon Tabbybrook Mage
Tabbybrook Mage is a Hero model for Super Dungeon.


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