Black Friday Teaser Countdown 5

Black Friday Teaser Countdown 5
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Black Friday Teaser Countdown

Well, after yesterday's disruption... Let us see what the Diviners have managed to reveal for us.

fq Super Dungeon Masterclass Teaser

Now we're talking! Definitely have some sorcerous energy brewing here. I wonder what her particular flavor of magic is? Or maybe it's all a clever deceit and she just clubs people with that scepter!

k Super Dungeon Masterclass Teaser

This dapper gentleman appears to be all beard! And it's a beard that would make any dwarf or fungus proud!

Tomorrow the Diviners assure us that they will have completely pushed back the shadows!

We've also learned from the King that due to royal proclamation Black Friday starts Monday! How does that work? It must be good to be the King!


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