Black-Handed Henry

Black-Handed Henry
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Terror of the High Seas! Black Handed Henry Returns.

“Arrrghhh. I’ll take yer crowns, but I’ll be needing those blueberries first.”

Avast ye land lovers. Lash down your treasure, and bundle up your potions, the dread pirate Black-Handed Henry is on the rampage! This salty reaver is a new addition to the growing number of challenging Bosses to unleash on your fellow adventurers.


Super Dungeon Black-Handed Henry


Henry is festooned with powerful abilities and fast hands on his stash of terrifying potions. Let’s dive in to two of this new bosses abilities. A boss with Potion Stash X may gain potion tokens when rolled, in the same manner as Heroes, up to the number indicated by X, allowing Henry to gain up to two potions when the dice land fair.

Thanks to Potion Pirate, Henry may use potions as if he were a Hero. (He drinks blue and red potions during his own turn and green potions during the Hero turn). Henry comes with an initial potion, Soul Jar, granting Heal 1 for each unused Princess Coin the Heroes have remaining. That will keep his sea legs under him when a sparky band of adventurers comes his way.


Super Dungeon Black-Handed Henry


"But if he can use red, blue and green Potions, why doesn't he have them on his card?" we hear you exclaim in wonder! Well, Black-Handed Henry has access to all the trappings of a pirate prince and is able to draw deep from his chest of surprises with New Brew, discarding a potion token to equip one Relic Item. Fans of Black-Handed Henry’s Potion Party will recall some of the dangerous concoctions brewed by his prisoner potion pros.


Super Dungeon Loose Cannons
Loose Cannons is a Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


A bag of potions isn't this pirates only arsenal, however! Henry has some aggressive abilities that rain down cannon and shot on wayward heroes. Extra Powder gives a ranged 6 attack with Massive Damage and Brutal Strike. Then there's Man the Cannons! Extra Shot! which adds a Green dice to his DEX along with Massive Damage but requires Henry to remove an adjacent Loose Cannon to take the action.


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