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Black Snow
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Do You Even Know Black Snow?

Wandering the frozen expanses of Frostbyte Reach the outcast noble, Black Snow, watches for signs of the Lich King’s return. He hopes one day to end his watch and return to a life of peace and warmth. He wonders if he will succeed, on this… he knows nothing.


Super Dungeon Black Snow


With solid stats, this warrior outcast is a tough fighter with some interesting rules. I Know Nothing means that you will not be using an “Open Chest” action with him at any time, but there are some awesome trade-offs. First off, he wields a powerful enchanted blade lending him the action Frostblade, adding a solid extra Green dice to his STR attack, with Ice!

Black Snow has a habit of returning from peril fraught encounters and has never wavered in his eagerness to return to the fight. I Have Returned is a great ability that allows this model to make a basic melee attack for each Princess Coin the party has spent during the game. Though only used once per turn, this can be a great late-game boon to a worried party.


Super Dungeon Black Snow


Last but not least, Black Snow carries an icy horn of Glacial Draught. This potion grants Heal 1, and Black Ice an ability that forces enemy models ending their movement within 2 squares to be pushed directly away from the model with Black Ice. Slip sliding away…


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