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The Lunar Elf Bladedancer schools are long forgotten memories. Combining swordsmanship with grace and fluidity, they elevated their craft to an art. Over the centuries the Dark Prince Monach Tvar has ruthlessly eradicated the last vestiges of this proud martial heritage. Now the few remaining Bladedancers wander Crystalia seeking the rare, gifted apprentice who can carry on their skills.


Super Dungeon Bladedance


You will have no trouble working this flashing swashbuckler into your heroes party. With a melee reach of 2 and a whole toolbox of amazing abilities, enemies beware! With At Your Back, she can immediately swap places with a target Hero and help keep your friends out of trouble.

When you are on the attack, Vipers Strike combines a powerful attack with a pounce action, leaping blade to your fore, and your enemy under its swing! Should that stinging blade not be enough, summon all your strength with Night’s Mercy, and deal high strength and massive damage to your attack!


Super Dungeon Bladedance


But the heart of the hero lies in her ability to put herself in harms way for her friends. With the Tears of the Moon potion, The Bladedancer gains Defender, making all enemies adjacent to her attack her as priority. This is a bad deal for enemies, as the Bladedancer comes with Deadly Defense allowing her to score critical successes on defense rolls, automatically wounding her opponent. And with Counterstrike, should she ever suffer a wound, she gets a free Melee Attack targeting the model that inflicted the wound, making her double deadly on defense.


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