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Blind Swordsman
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The Blind Swordsman

The moonlit island nation of Kagejima has long been home to a history of struggle. Lords and clans battle over power and land, and where there is glory and winners, there is also havoc. Warriors and clansmen, left without leaders, wander the land selling their services to the highest bidder or turning to banditry. In a land of turmoil, those that don’t see land or title can be used to serve justice. Since the blind swordsman has perfected his art, and does not see with normal sight, he wanders where he is needed, drawn to conflict, and helping those as he did when he was a samurai.


Super Dungeon Blind Swordsman


The Blind Swordsman is a wonderfully adept hero to play with. Masterful in STR attacks and skills. The abilities of the Blind Swordsman, Feint and Uncanny Awareness help to make him the complete package. Feint can force enemies to reroll a defence dice when attacking and, due to his preternatural senses, he ignores enemy models with the stealth ability.


Super Dungeon Blind Swordsman


His abilities lend to his lethality in combat. Perfect Strike lends an additional Red dice to an attack and Oracle. Oracle grants the attacker a free potion or heart in a successful attack roll if none were rolled. With a mighty sweep of his blade, Tidal Wave is an attack with Wave 1, so can level a host of foes with whatever bonuses and boons are offered from other sources.

Super Dungeon Blind Swordsman


Last but not least, there is the Blind Swordsman’s favorite beverage, the Sunlight Draught. This potion grants additional Blue dice to his ARM, and Insight. This ability forces an enemy making an offensive roll to reroll one dice before the Blind Swordsman’s own defensive roll, making him a much harder target to land a successful attack against!


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