Bright Sparks!

Bright Sparks!
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The Royal Academic & Dazzled!

This week we bring you new and inspiring heroes for your dungeon delving delight. Introducing the Royal Academic, and Dazzled! In addition to some interesting feats and abilities, we are also offering some very cool looking models! Razzle-Dazzle!


Royal Academic is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


With such colorful magic flitting about this week, we take a hard look at two very different approaches to sorcery, starting with our Royal Academic. Replete with the press and pomp of academy trappings, our brave and erudite explorer is from a guild that does not constrain learning to mere books and lectures, but seeks it out first hand! What will such a wizard offer? Stay tuned to find out.

Dazzled is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


That brings us to the Dazzled. A pursuant of Bright magic, a Dazzled will take less careful approaches to discovering nuance with her sorceries, but a star bright explosion is a common outcome of their exuberant exploits. Just how far will this easily distracted and starry eyed mage go to brighten the darkness? We can’t wait to show you!


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