Super Dungeon Lore: Brinebreaker Aesir

Super Dungeon Lore: Brinebreaker Aesir

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Super Dungeon Lore: Brinebreaker Aesir

“We thought we’d gotten the best of them. Ambushed the gnolls and put every one of the howling mongrels to the axe. Then we heard the blackhands’ chanting on the wind, and the snows exploded. Draugr by the hundreds burst from beneath the hardpack. We held until the cursed berserkers came. Smashing into our ranks like an avalanche. We’d have fallen. Should have. Our death prayers to the Goddess were already on our lips when the Aesir arrived. He was war manifest and his howls of rage burned our blood like Oldri’s own fury. The storm call took us then. When it cleared only the Aesir and three of us remained, but every servant of the Lich lay red at our feet.”

— The Defense of Knudby from the oral recollections of Theng Rigr 


Super Dungeon: Brinebreaker Aesir


Legend holds that when the Goddess formed the seas of Crystalia she was bitten by Vrtira, the Emerald World Dragon. The bite drew but a single drop of blood. Where it struck the sea rose the first storm, and within its roiling heart the spirit Oldri was born. 

This tempestuous spirit of the sea is both honored and feared by all seagoing folk. But much of the Brinebreakers’ society revolves around the sea, and thus they hold her in particularly high regard. Shrines to Oldri can be found in every coastal hold and village. Daily offerings are made to seek her favor and grant their ships calm seas on their journey; and many festivals and holidays are held in her honor. These traditions soon grew and became interwoven with Brinebreaker society, eventually growing into the Cult of Oldri. 


Super Dungeon: Brinebreaker Aesir


While the Cult of Oldri mainly consists of the various merchants, sailors, and fishermen whose subsistence relies upon the sea, it is the warriors known as Aesir that the peoples of Crystalia typically associate as Odri’s followers.

Rising from the ranks of marines and coastal raiders, Aesir who are granted Oldri’s favor become living storms upon the battlefield. As they swing their brutal hammers, lightning crackles from their eyes and frozen gales of mist and ice cyclone around them. To witness an Aesir in combat is to see the fury of the sea made manifest, their warcries like booming calls of thunder. 




Aesir are rare, however, and even the largest Brinebreaker settlements are fortunate to host even a handful of them. And they will rarely stay in a single location long. Those touched by Oldri are given to insatiable wanderlust. The Aesir call this instinctual urge to roam the Path of the Storm or Oldri’s Call. The call inevitably leads them into areas of intense conflict or deep in the thrall of darkness. Often, the Aesir will make temporary alliances with local or questing heroes to eradicate the taint of the Dark Consul like a cleansing storm.


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