Brinebreaker Skathi

Brinebreaker Skathi
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The Brinebreaker Skathi is the Ultimate Dungeon Guide

“Aye, I’ll take your coin. And my share of the treasure. But I’d ‘ave done this one for free. Ahh, don’t look so glum. You’ve a lot to learn yet about the Frostbyte. Here, the only way we survive is together. Come on now, we’ve a long trek ahead. Lucky you, I know a shortcut.”

Brinebreaker Skathi are peerless guides and survivalists in the Frostbyte Reach, which is well reflected in their role in games of Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Brinebreaker Skathi


For unique actions, the Brinebreaker Skathi leans heavily towards a support role. Light the Way is a fantastic aura that allows heroes that begin their activation in the aura to Heal a wound and gain Surefoot. Aura 2 is wide enough to still allow Heroes to spread out a bit as they mend their wounds before striking off on their own path.

Hidden Path is a powerful support action which allows the Skathi to place a Hero from anywhere in the dungeon into an adjacent square. What makes Hidden Path truly incredible is it has unlimited range, requires no line of sight, and ignores normal movement restriction. Oh, and it’s a bargain at only 1 action point, with no use limits, allowing the Skathi to use all 3 action points on it. Give the Skathi a Fizzy Beverage loot for an extra action point and he can reposition the entire party and then Light the Way. That is some dwarven cunning right there!


Super Dungeon Brinebreaker Skathi


The Brinebreaker Skathi also has a bit of magical aptitude using the Fjord Winds offensive action. This Wave magic attack gives him a bonus red dice to WILL and inflicts Ice. 

Icebreaker Ale is a solid, if straightforward, potion which grants the drinker +1 Blue dice to STR. Which is always handy for a little extra ‘oomph’ to your swings. Plus, what respectable dwarf doesn’t have some good ale on them in case of emergencies!? 


Stave Off The Ice!


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