Bring Chaos and Ruin!

Bring Chaos and Ruin!
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Void Witch and Jenner Now Available!

Two new units join Relic Knights today with Jenner the Seeker for Star Nebula Corsairs and the Void Witch for, well, Void. The delightful thing about being Void aligned is that the Void Witch can also join your Black Diamond, Noh Empire, and Star Nebula Corsairs forces. 

Jenner the Seeker

Jenner is a charming, easy-going sort. Yet most people do not realize that, behind his ready smile and razor wit, is a dedicated paladin of The Six Peers. Haha! I thought you’d jump. No, no, it’s no joke. You need to learn more about paladins as well as the pirates. Jenner is a member of the Ossyrian Order, the so-called Black Paladins. They are the outcasts of the Orders, the cousin that the others don’t acknowledge in polite company. Ossyrians use the chaos, fear, and nefariousness of evil to fight evil. They are a small and very insular order who operate mostly as independent agents. They willing damn themselves so that others may be saved. I do not admire them, but I respect them, and much of that comes from knowing Jenner.


Void Witch


Void Witches seem to play with cause and effect, or maybe with the flow of time. They appear to the guides for the maleaach. In one recording, you can distinctly hear a void witch say, “We are the wayfinders of the void. We are the words of oblivion.” There was only one witch present, by the way. That royal “we” isn’t pretentious at all. These oracles guide the maleaach through the Calamity, though whether they’re directing its spread or just figuring out where it’s going isn’t at all clear. They never seem to lead the maleaach astray, however, placing them among those primarily responsible for their species vivisecting the universe.

Join the Battle for the Last Galaxy!


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