Cadre Decks Available Now!

Cadre Decks Available Now!

Relic Knights: Cadre Decks

In addition to releasing the Relic Knights: 2-Player Starter Set, we are pleased to announce individual Cadre Decks are now available for purchase.

Each faction has it's own unique characters and play style to suit different strategies and techniques. The Radiant and Void Cadres can even be used in addition to other factions to add greater flexibility and variety to your games!


Cerci Speed Circuit Cadre

Cerci Speed Circuit definitely is a finesse faction as they want to move around to exploit position in order to destroy the opposition and complete victory conditions. If you enjoy being able to threaten large portions of the board with fast moving units then Cerci is the faction for you.


Relic Knights Cerci Speed Circuit Cadre Deck


The Cerci Speed Circuit Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Cerci Speed Circuit miniatures in your games of Relic Knights


Doctrine Cadre

Doctrine is the faction based on gathering knowledge and doing research. They have been working to master manipulating Esper for a very long time.  This manifests in game in their ability to manipulate their own and their opponent’s Esper deck. Setting up what’s coming up from the deck and triggering effects off of revealing cards in their hand are both tools in the Doctrine bag of tricks.


Relic Knights Doctrine Cadre Deck


The Doctrine Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Doctrine miniatures in your games of Relic Knights


Shattered Sword Cadre

The Shattered Sword Paladins believe that the best defense is a good defense. Strategies of combined arms and powering up through taking damage makes them somewhat of the other side of the coin to the super aggro Noh Empire. Pledge your sword to the defense of the last galaxy with the Shattered Sword.


Relic Knights Shattered Sword Cadre Deck


The Shattered Sword Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Shattered Sword miniatures in your games of Relic Knights


Radiant Cadre

Not only can you use include Radiant units in your Cerci Speed Circuit, Doctrine, or Shattered Sword lists, you can also play cadres led by a Radiant Knight! This allows you to use the Radiant Knights and units together with heroes from any of those three factions named. This will give you many many different combinations due to the play styles mentioned above. Additionally you will get access to the Radiant themes of keying off having more held Esper than your opponent and upping the amount of held Esper generated by all!


Relic Knights Radiant Cadre Deck


The Radiant Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Radiant miniatures in your games of Relic Knights.  


Black Diamond Cadre

With a strong ranged attack game that benefits from creating synergy between multiple units, Black Diamond’s offensive powers can erase any opposition. If you enjoy shooting down your foes while creating crossfires or benefiting from lots of units the largest mercenary outfit in the last galaxy is for you.


Relic Knights Black Diamond Cadre Deck


The Black Diamond Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Black Diamond miniatures in your games of Relic Knights.   


Noh Empire Cadre

The Noh Empire is the destructive force of Entropy embodied. Charge into battle and use the Noh’s famous blood lust to destroy your enemy up close and personal. By dealing damage the Noh Empire unleashes the power of Entropic Esper to charge them up even further. They are somewhat an elite force as Noh themselves tend to be larger and sturdier than humans or many other races of the last galaxy.


Relic Knights Noh Empire Cadre Deck


The Noh Empire Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Noh Empire miniatures in your games of Relic Knights.   


Star Nebula Corsairs Cadre

The Star Nebula Corsairs strike from the deep of space to exploit the chaos that the calamity has sown throughout the last galaxy. Build your own pirate crew and set course for victory! The Star Nebula Corsairs are a bit of a glass cannon that rewards players who are willing to take risks and see what happens. When the tide is with you anything is possible.


Relic Knights Star Nebula Corsairs Cadre Deck


The Star Nebula Corsairs Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Star Nebula Corsairs miniatures in your games of Relic Knights.


Void Cadre

Void units, just like we mentioned with Radiant above, can be included in your Black Diamond, Noh Empire, and Star Nebula Corsairs Cadres. Just like with Radiant you can also build a Cadre led by a Void Knight. Include Void Knights and units along with heroes from the three factions mentioned above. Many of the void units currently hail from the sinister Maleach race and this is a good way to field a cadre themed around them. The themes that building a Void Cadre gives you access to, in addition to themes from the three factions associated, are keying off of having less held Esper than your opponent and having everyone lose held Esper.


Relic Knights VoidCadre Deck


The Void Cadre Deck includes the cards to use your Relic Knights: Void miniatures in your games of Relic Knights


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