Candy, Lady of the Heart

Candy, Lady of the Heart
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I Want Candy!

Come one and come all. May the warm of heart find refuge in the arms of the one you love! And who is more lovely than Candy!

Having sought out the tutelage of Princess Ruby, Candy, Lady of the Heart is now Crystalia’s most sought after magical journeyman.


Super Dungeon Candy, Lady of the Heart


Candy has never been one to shy away from a sweet beverage, and brings to this role her classic Potion Master ability, able to chug 2 potions in a single turn. And a good thing too, as her potions are powerful indeed!

First off is her Love Potion, no doubt learned from some succubus recipe book and refined to perfection, Candy can move whole groups with a wave 4 Compel that will have her party members wrapped around her little finger and put a little spring in their step.


Super Dungeon Candy, Lady of the Heart


Add to that her Fire Heart Potion and she can really heat things up, healing a friendly model and giving the advantage of Fire to their actions. To wrap things up on the potion front, her Unrequited Love Potion grants additional armor and, if an attack misses, the enemy suffers Bane!

Finally, mix in a powerful blast attack with Knockdown, and this sweet girl will be knockin’ em out left, right and centre!


Add A Magical Girl To Your Party, Today!



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