Candy, Mistress of Darkness

Candy, Mistress of Darkness
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Candy, Mistress of Darkness

For whom does the raven call in the black of midnight? For whom do the dire wolves howl when the clock strikes twelve? For who looks better in a floor length black dress when trimming back her pet King Sprout? Why, it’s Candy, Mistress of Darkness! ...Did someone say there would be lightning tonight?


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress Of Darkness


This Halloween, enjoy this terrifying twist on our caffeine capped maiden of the macabre. Her Dark Radiance will reduce all enemy offence and defence rolls, against her, by 1 star, while the Despair caused by her Black Rose will reduce the defence of enemies within 2 squares by 1 star. Candy, Mistress of Darkness is about to bless your tabletops with her perky presence!


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress of Darkness


So take time to get into the holiday mood, set up your dungeons, pull out Beatrix and Jack, try her dark delights against the worst the Dark Consul can summon, and have a scary good time!


Distract The Boys and Ghouls With Candy, Mistress of Darkness!


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