Candy, Mistress of Darkness & Trick-or-Treat Cola Return!

Candy, Mistress of Darkness & Trick-or-Treat Cola Return!
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 A Sweet Candy Treat!

“What? It’s not like I’m trying to distract the boys and ghouls, I’m just naturally perky.”

To celebrate the hallowed eve of the final night of October, Candy, Mistress of Darkness and Trick-or-Treat Cola have donned their spooky attire, once more, and are seeking seasonal sweetmeats!

This gruesome twosome will be available to order only until Midnight, Friday, November 4th, but only while stocks last!


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress Of Darkness
Candy, Mistress of Darkness is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Unleash this duo onto your fall-themed tabletops where they can help a Fed-Up Farmer reap the Corrupted Harvest. Then, send Rotten Pumpkins flying sky-high to take out Underdead Crows until you can get medieval on The Thresher and save the festival.

Super Dungeon Trick-Or-Treat Cola

Trick-or-Treat Cola is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Perhaps Candy and Cola can even charm The Crownless Princess, as part of a fully themed dungeon, with a twist of a mini-boss that could be turn be turned to the light?

No matter what your choice, get this limited re-release before our Lady of the Night and her cute, costumed counterpart slip off into the dark!


Get These Limited Edition Goodies, Before They're Gone!


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