Casanova Cola

Casanova Cola
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En Garde! Casanova Cola is after your heart!

What is small, furry, and will drive a sharp piece of steel through you for questioning his undying love? Meet Casanova Cola! With a masterful flourish, our adventuring hero has taken to the dashing and daring of wooing sweet maidens and adventuring of the heart!

Let us get a closer look at what this quippy little critter can do for you!


Super Dungeon Casanova Cola


Casanova Cola sports a pretty robust little stat line. With different weapons, his strength will grow, but he starts with a meaty 2R defense and high dexterity to be sure his abilities are the focus of his contribution to a party. Cola has the ability Parry, you can make a free attack if you suffer a wound from a critical success by an enemy. Take that!

With Today, I Repay My Debt… you can lay down some Wave ranged attacks with decent effectiveness. Followed up with Behind Your Ear, he can deal magical Massive Damage and draw loot for each enemy destroyed this way!

That’s more fun than a bag of chalky candy hearts!


Super Dungeon Casanova Cola


But watch the fancy footwork fly with En Garde! Enemies that miss an attack will suffer a deadly riposte from our pint-sized friend as Cola will get a free attack in the enemies exposed underbelly.

Never let it be that Cola, even Casanova Cola, be without a fizzy beverage at hand. The potion Rosewater can be used to heal a heart for every piece of loot in your backpack! Now that is some powerful potion!


Get Casanova Cola today, it’s the only respectable addition to Candy, Lady of the Heart!



Is he giving us the side eye?



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