Celestian Purifier

Celestian Purifier
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Of Course It Burns… That’s How You Know It’s Working!

The Dark Consul's near destruction of Celestia also left the realm deeply corrupted by amethyst magic. Nearly overwhelmed, the Celestians fight against constant monstrous incursions to push back the darkness. As areas are cleared of threat, specialized priests know as Purifiers then consecrate the land so that it can be reclaimed by the Light and flourish once again.


Super Dungeon Celestian Purifier


The Celestian Purifier's stock abilities are simple and as unassuming as our hero appears. She has Fly and a decent starting WILL but the best things about our girl are just below the surface. Cleansing Blast is a short range DEX attack that deals Burst damage. Lay On Hands allows the Celestian Purifier to Pounce on her foes with a close range magic attack that causes Massive Damage… Hallelujah!


Super Dungeon Celestian Purifier


The most powerful of the Purifier's arsenal is when she is unleashing he potion Purifying Stream destroying enemy Creeps and any token placed by enemy actions in an area defined by rolling 2 Red Dice.




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