Celestian Tauren Now Available!

Celestian Tauren Now Available!
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Celestian Tauren Now Available

The Celestian Tauren stampedes into your games of Super Dungeon: Conquest! This powerful monster aligns with Sapphire forces, service of the Royal Army and the Goddess herself.



The tauren which inhabit Celestia are reclusive creatures. Their herds live deep in the jungles of the floating realm, where they build vast and sprawling architectural wonders. Those few who have been privileged enough to see them say the Celestian Taurens' skills at stonework rival even that of the Hearthsworn Dwarves. With the forces of the Dark Consul ascendant they lend their strength to the King of Crystalia to defend the realms.



The Celestian Tauren comes with a choice of two heads and two weapon options allowing you to build a variety of these unique warriors for your games of Super Dungeon: Conquest.

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