Cernonos Awaits Brave Adventurers!

Cernonos Awaits Brave Adventurers!

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Cernonos Awaits Brave Adventurers!


Super Dungeon: Cernonos



At the heart of every maze awaits a monster. Many brave adventurers have lost their way, and Cernonos is always waiting...

Cernonos is an all new Mini-Boss for Super Dungeon!


Super Dungeon: Rinny-Prin-Peng



“Quonk! Quonk quonk quonk. QUONK!!!"

Rinny-Prin-Pen is an all new Hero for Super Dungeon!


Super Dungeon: Freyjan Beastmaster


Freyjan Beastmaster

“Get ‘em, Mr. Fluffs!”

For centuries, Freyjans have tamed the Sabertooth Kitties of the Frostbyte Reach for use as hunting companions. However, such a bond is not for the faint of heart. In addition to being fearsome predators, they are known to wake their handlers at all hours of the night and push anything left on a table onto the floor.

The Freyjan Beastmaster is an all new Hero for Super Dungeon!


Super Dungeon: Brinebreaker Aesir


Brinebreaker Aesir

Brinebreaker Aesir are some of the most skilled of dwarven fighters. But their skill lies not solely in their own prowess, though they have plenty, their ferocity and command exalts all the other dwarves around them to heightened feats of combat. To be elevated to Aesir a dwarf must show both martial skill and leadership

The Brinebreaker Aesir is an all new Hero for Super Dungeon!


Super Dungeon: Ice Shard Aesthetic


Ice Shard Aesthetic

In the grim, frozen winters of Frostbyte Reach, the cold is a fearsome opponent all on its own. However, those Freyjans who have mastered the path of the Ice Shard Aesthetic can use that cold to prolong life as well as end it.

The Ice Shard Aesthetic is an all new Hero for Super Dungeon!


Rinny-Prin-PenFreyjan Beastmaster,
Brinebreaker Aesir & Ice Shard Aesthetic
are available to order, now!


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