Chained Knight

Chained Knight
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Unbreak these Chains! Chained Knight of Araphel!

One of Araphel's most terrifying devotees is a hulking figure known simply as the Chained Knight. Such is Araphel's influence over him that even his name has been consumed and forgotten. Whatever he once was, now he is Araphel’s sword, put to use when subtlety has run its course. Even so, many say they sometimes see a flicker of defiance on his face, as if something within him still resists his dark mistress.


Super Dungeon Chained Knight


With such high STR and ARM to start, this Mini-Boss can be an utter terror in the dungeon! Like his mistress, he has Spread The Love, a powerful ability that grants status effects to heroes who are wounded with potions rolled for the attack! Swinging about with his reach of 3 for attacks with 4 Red dice, he can also opt for a strike with Massive Damage and an additional Green dice on a Hero brave enough to try and go toe to toe.


Super Dungeon Chained Knight


In a powerful combination with running Spawn of Servitude spawning points, (or any other spawning points) he can Fluff The Frilly Pillows! Heal all wounds on all Spawning Points in play. Then all Spawning Points in play get to move up to 2 squares! Beware his love! But also, beware his passing. Should he be destroyed, he lashes out with Freed In Death, making a single STR action against any enemy model in reach when he is removed!


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