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Chaos Kitty and Marie-Claude Questing Knight Now Available!

Chaos Kitty and Marie-Claude Questing Knight Now Available!
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Nyan-Nyan Shows Her Bad Side

 Super Dungeon Chaos Kitty

We've always suspected that Nyan-Nyan had a chaotic streak in her personality, that came out as her mini-boss alter ego, Chaos Kitty. But now we're not so sure as the Chaos Kitty makes her appearance! Does Nyan-Nyan actually have a twin?

We have no idea! But thanks to this adorable new model you can field BOTH Nyan-Nyan and Chaos Kitty in a single game of Super Dungeon. Meow!

Get Chaos Kitty Now!

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Marie-Claude Arrives for Cerci Speed Circuit

Relic Knights has joined the Masterclass Kickstarter Fulfillment Plan, and we've been shipping out models, digest rulebooks, and esper to hundreds of backers!

Marie-Claude - Questing Knight  joins the Pit Crew and Pythons as the latest release to join your cadre!


If she was part of your Kickstarter rewards, we've already been packing Marie-Claude into your orders.

If you're new to Relic Knights or just didn't have her as a reward, she's now available to join your Cerci Speed Circuit cadre! 

Get Marie-Claude Now!

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