Children of Two Worlds

Children of Two Worlds
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Children of Two Worlds

It is widely claimed that that the Freyjan are the most restrained lunatics in all of Crystalia. Unlike most of the Dark Consul’s monsters and minions, who are either purely instinctual or controlled, their independent nature led to completely different habits. Taking delight in the reckless purrsuit of adventure and danger of all kinds, they rely on their great coordination and agility to see them safely through any antics. However, many are often astonished find to these hyperactive feline companions proving to be the most patient company, filling any interminable periods of waiting with little games or long meditation.


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From the time they open their eyes, freyjan cubs are encouraged to play, explore, tumble down slopes, and then sit in quiet contemplation of beauty. Like their chimeric origins, these two contrasting states of being define this unique people. Children initially spend only a few minutes sitting and thinking each day, gradually building up their skills and patience, until they are ready to join the older members of the pride in their evening meditations.


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Freyjan tackle any activity with enthusiasm and turn any activity into a game. Even children keep a running score of who can scrub the floor of their longhouse the fastest! Living in the moment with such vivacity means they feel every emotion deeply which can make them seem mercurial and unpredictable. However, their culture of self-discipline and constant introspection counters their volatile nature so only the extremes of greatest joy or deepest despair overwhelm them.


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Few chimeric creatures have harmonised with Crystalia as completely as the Freyjan. They are as rich and diverse in nature as they are in appearance. They have adapted, as all natural creatures must, to the various environments they have come to call home. Though the Frostbyte Reach remains their homeland and holds the largest numbers of freyjan, these cheerful and curious people can be found across the world, often getting into trouble wherever the path of Goddess takes them.


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