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Choas Kitty
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Meow Meow! Chaos Kitty

Is Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty or is the Chaos Kitty Nyan-Nyan? No one is sure. The only thing that can be guaranteed is mayhem follows in the wake of both.

Careful when playing with this feline, Chaos Kitty is a powerful Freyjan Mini-Boss with a whole lot of teeth and claws for those that can’t entertain her.


Super Dungeon Chaos Kitty


High STR and high DEX are hallmarks of the Freyjan elite, Chaos Kitty is no different. High speed, 9 Lives and Frenzy makes her a triple threat. 9 Lives, though only one use, can bring her back from the bring off defeat. Should Chaos Kitty be destroyed, she rolls a single Red die and removes a wound token for each star rolled. Keeping her in the fight, Frenzy then allows her to gain an additional Red dice on offensive rolls against any model that is suffering a wound.

Feline Ambush grants Pounce and Retreat, keeping her a step ahead of combatants, and out of the way of powerful counter attacks. Meanwhile her Chaos Fur’splosion can reach out to attack with a Wave 2 STR attack. Her incredible mobility allows her to really put her in the middle of the fight and be a serious threat with reach.


Super Dungeon Chaos Kitty


Her chosen potion is the Frosty Kitty Bomb. So don’t discount the Chaos Kitty if she is out of actions, one chug of this potion and she can lash out with Poison at Sweep 3, impacting all the heroes foolish enough to remain close and sapping their available actions.

So, pocket your catnip, bring a saucer of milk, and maybe you might be able to leave her lair intact.


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