Chuy & the Apprentice, Back for a Limited Time!

Chuy & the Apprentice, Back for a Limited Time!
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Chuy & the Apprentice, Back for a Limited Time!

Part-time bounty hunter, part-time bandit, and full-time butt-kicker, Chuy’s name is legendary amongst the scum and villainy of lawless zones. While not much is known about the history of this renowned warrior, what is clear is that when the bounty hunting business is slow, Chuy isn’t opposed to a little larceny to make a little extra on the side.

Super Dungeon Chuy and Apprentice


With his wide array of weapons and sweet-looking armor, he can take down the fiercest bounties and toughest lawmen. With the ever increasing amounts of loot changing hands across the realm, it’s clear that stories of Chuy’s exploits will continue to be told across the stars. 


With him is his new side kick, the Apprentice. This enigmatic little figure looks harmless as a baby Kinoko, but has a bounty on his head twice that of some that Chuy has chased down. This serves to make people scratch their heads, what’s so important about such a harmless little thing? This is your chance to find out!

We have a very limited stock of Chuy and Apprentice which will be available to order only until Midnight, Sunday, February 13th, but only while stocks last!

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