Clan Ika Warband Available Now!

Clan Ika Warband Available Now!

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Clan Ika Warband

Available Now!

In a land where paranoia and insularity are a way of life, the Ika are famous for being even more secretive, cryptic, and distrustful of outsiders than usual. Ika stick to their own families and clan, only taking part in the larger politics and power struggles of Kagejima based on mysterious criteria known only to themselves.

Super Dungeon Clan Ika Warband

Super Dungeon Clan Ika Akkorokamui

Super Dungeon Clan Ika Madoushi

Super Dungeon Clan Ika Yajiri

Super Dungeon Clan Ika Oni

The Clan Ika Warband arrived to join the Clan Kitsune and Clan Tanchyo Warbands on your Super Dungeon games!


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