Clan Sohei: Gameplay

Clan Sohei: Gameplay
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With the Sohei warbands now out hunting for heroes to drive them from Kagejima, adventurers have a new threat to be on the watch for. Though devout and terrible enemies of the dark consul and his minions, the Sohei are temperamental and not likely to suffer the offense of foreigners involving themselves in a matter they see strictly as one of all true followers of the light.

The warrior monks of Kagejima bring some fun gameplay dynamics as enemies of your heroes. Though surely it is all a terribly misunderstanding, heroes should be ready for a fight.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


The Madoushi is not only as a powerful magic caster, and the spawning point for the clan, he has a powerful support ability in Coordinated Strike. This action gives all friendly models within the chance to make a basic melee attack against a targeted Hero in range of their attacks, with all bonuses implied. Afterwards, the Madoushi will suffer 1 wound, but should the Sohei use their battle skills and surround you as a target, this is a sacrifice worth making.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


As a whole the Sohei are affected by a universal rule Discipline, any model with Discipline gains an additional BLUE dice to all rolls while it is adjacent to at least one other friendly model. This is a simple rule, but one that is so effective in enhancing the fighting prowess and survivability of Sohei models on the board.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


The Kaiken and Yajiri of the clan are effective warriors and ranged fighters as called upon. However, they lack anything beyond the most basic of attacks save for Disciple. The real power lies in the Sohei Kunoichi and how she can boost both the attack and defence of her fellow clanmates. When working together, the Sohei can become an exceptionally powerful force.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


These elite warriors are not only affected by Disciple, but also some really strong key abilities. Blade Wall is an aura where all friendly models in range gain an additional RED dice to defensive rolls for Discipline, instead of the BLUE die. Alternatively, Storm Of Blades reverses the action, and gives an additional RED dice to offensive actions instead of BLUE, giving even your basic troopers some real punch!

So, watch out. Best not to get in the way of the Moon Princess's special agents, they will roll over enemies in the way of their goals like springtime moonlight as it banishes the shadow!


Challenge The Warrior Monks!


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