Clan Sohei: Lore

Clan Sohei: Lore
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Clan Sohei Marches Forth!

The Court of the Moon has created, and maintains, a few organizations that exist outside of or in addition to the normal political power structure of the clans. Like the Princess’s personal guard, the Ketsu-usagi or the Kage no hanta, Clan Sohei exists to address a specific need.

Clan Sohei is an order of monks who have renounced their worldly affiliations and possessions to lead an ascetic life of academic study and martial training. This training prepares them to hunt down and confront the dark kami, yokai or any other supernatural horrors that might otherwise blight Kagejima. When not engaged in this duty the Sohei spend their time conditioning their body and mind communing with the spiritual realm.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


The Sohei are not particular about the weapons and means by which they battle the darkness. Powerful Madoushi and Priests banish foul spirits with charmed prayer slips on the pulp of holy trees thrice blessed by the Kami. Warriors tirelessly train with purified blades and weapons of every variety, from heavy studded clubs, long pole arms, and shining blades of silvered steel.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


The Sohei, through meditation and commune with the spirit realm, have seen a great darkness on the horizon, threatening all of Kagejima and quite possibly the world. This has led to many of the enclaves to expel, sometimes violently, many of the heroes and adventurers from Crystalia, leading to unexpected conflicts and harrying fights with these warrior monks.

The Madoushi is the very center to a warband of Sohei. His spiritual presence reinforces his allies with vigor, and as a veteran of many encounters with the enemy, his quick thinking and leadership can lend powerful coordinated attacks against a difficult foe.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


Lending more than experience and their blades, the role of the Sohei Kunoichi is one of leadership and instruction. Leaning hard on their martial prowess, the Kunoichi can extoll her allies to even stronger attack and defense rolls within the power of her aura abilities. This elite warrior is definitely one to watch out for, shouting commands and coordinating a perfect unison of blades to meet out holy justice.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


While not technically a clan, most of the major clans refer to them as Clan Sohei. Though their members must renounce all worldly ties, the Sohei have several large holdings, fortified temples, and are a military force, with their own agenda, to be reckoned with.

The Sohei have agents and warriors that are not overall dissimilar than one might recognize of the militant arms of the other clans of Kagejima. The Kaiken and Yajiri are some of the more common to find.


Super Dungeon Clan Sohei


Though not overly specialized, the Sohei believe in training on-the-job. Whether wielding blessed blades or arrows dipped in enchanted moon waters, the body of the fighting might of the Sohei rests on the blades and bows of its warriors. Their discipline lending great strength to their attack and defense.


Fight For The Light, With Clan Sohei!


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