Clan Yurei: Gameplay

Clan Yurei: Gameplay
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Revenge is Deathless, Thus the Yurei Cannot Truly Die - Wise Old Man

The Yurei are a cursed clan of warriors from the misty isle of Kagejima. Bent on revenge, the creeping tide of undead begin to plague the island nation. Though their reason for vengeance sank beneath the waves with them centuries before, they rise again to terrorize the inhabitants of Kagejima while they seek revenge on the clans that ended their reign. Warbands have been known to settle far and wide in their preparations for retaking the lands under the Moon Princess. Best not to disturb them, for if you do, you unleash centuries of pent-up rage.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


The Yurei spawn works like most of the Ninja Spawns, centralized around the warband's Madoushi, a powerful spell caster. Active Spawn means they are spawning in the normal way, but they are mobile, and pack more of a punch than your standard spawning point.



Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


When a Yurei Madoushi inflicts a wound using Soul Drain, a Kaiken or Yajiri can be summoned into the fray. Combined with the Yurei Chunin's Call Of The Deep, your party of adventurers may just find themselves becoming overwhelmed by waves of undead vengeance which they dare not attack!

The Kaiken is a speedy swordsman with good all-round skills and the ability Crashing Waves, a Pounce attack that extends their threat range! Eeeeek!


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


Meanwhile, Yajiri are expert bowmen, providing a goodly range 8 attack to cover the advance of their clansmen.

Primarily, heroes need to work around the Dragged To The Depths curse that is on the Yurei. When defeated, a Yurei with this keyword will force the hero that destroyed it roll a RED die and, if no stars are rolled, that hero suffers a wound. A hard price for doing the Goddesses work.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


While all this is going on, not only are the Kunoichi also bestowed with Crashing Waves but they possess a singular ability called The Last Breath. This ability means Dragged To The Depths causes two wounds instead of one, not just for her but for all clansmen within 10 squares!

Don’t mistake this shambling horde for a bunch of boneheads, they are swift as the undercurrent and twice as deadly. Whether you're a Hero or a Monster, one thing is certain, the Yurei are a fearsome foe to behold and players will need careful planning and tactics to send them back to the depths!


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