Clan Yurei: Lore

Clan Yurei: Lore
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A Fractured Land - Rise of the Yurei

While the time when Kagejima wasn’t a united state under the rule of the Moon Princess’s lineage is shrouded by the mists of time for many, for others that time seems as if it were only yesterday.

The Yurei clan was one of the most powerful clans on the island and great rivals of the Ika, dwelling as they did in the same coastal areas, before the Court of the Moon rose to prominence and consolidated loyalty and power. The Ika backed the Moon Princess’s ancestors while the Yurei backed their own clans warlord in the power struggle leading up to the unification of the island. A bitter civil war was fought over much of Kagejima and many major and minor families were wiped out or scattered.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


The Yurei put up a brave fight but the flagship of their fleet went down with all hands in a massive naval battle against the Ika, taking most of the clan leadership with it. Some say the Yurei swore an oath of vengeance as their ships went down and the clan has lived on in the shadows, cursed to unlife for all eternity to seek vengeance on the Ika and the Moon Court.

It was the Yurei’s Madoushi that consigned their lords to their fate of undeath. Knowing that they would be able to fight on, even in death, they can serve their Lord and regain the honor of their clan.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


As the alarm is raised, it is the Madoushi of the Yurei that are fastest to rouse. A low rumbling chant begins to moan out of their lipless mouths, their staff pounding a beat, not much unlike a heartbeat. Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

Then, the very ground around them will roil with magical energies, like the white caps of the roiling ocean. In it is revealed the slowly marching lines of Yurei warriors answering the call to battle, appearing as if from nowhere, and returning to the churning spectral foam when the battle is done.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


Far ranging from the dread fleets, coastline scouts of the Ika often warn of floating jetsam. Bodies entangled in the nets and old wood might just be agents of the Yurei lying in wait to drag more of their sworn enemy into the watery depths.

Speed, range, stealth. Enemies would do well to watch the edges of their battle lines when trespassing into Yurei territory. The fleet footed scouts of their Kunoichi corps have not lost their speed and ability to conceal themselves in their unquieted state of being. Though they may only still hold sway with their charms over the occasional Ijin, beware their kiss. For it is the kiss of death.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


On the rolling seas, the Yajiri of the Yurei clan braced and flowed with the motion of the heaving planks on their warships at sea. Sending accurate volleys of flaming arrows into the heather to bring smoking ruin to enemy warships and scows. Don’t mistake a century or more of rot to have rotten their aim away as well, bright sea blue pinpricks float in darkened orbs to show where their spirit still draws an image from the world around them, anticipating their targets movements and seldom missing their mark. 

Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


Amongst the sea kelp strew wreckage of long lost battle ships, warriors of the Yurei lie in slumber, waiting to be called to action. The Kaiken of the Yurei form the vanguard of their battle lines. As in life, their skill with a sword was much called on to enable the political will of a powerful leader like Tomomori to reach its height. These ghostly revenants serve his will and his lust for revenge. Tattered, with bleached bone showing through worn armor and clothing, they are the thing of nightmares.


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