Clan Yurei Rises!

Clan Yurei Rises!
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 Clan Yurei Rises!

We are excited to bring you an entirely new faction in the struggle for Kagejima!  Introducing the Yurei!


Yurei No Tomomori

At the head of the ghostly forces is the famed hero Yurei No Tomomori, choosing to end his life than suffer defeat at the hands of his enemies, his rage is what spurns the Yurei forces onward.


Super Dungeon Yurei No Tomomori


Yurei No Tomomori is a new Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Clan Yurei

Bent on revenge, the creeping tide of undead begin to plague the island nation of Kagejima. Though their reason for vengeance sank beneath the waves with them centuries before, they rise again to terrorize the inhabitants of Kagejima while they seek revenge on the clans that ended their reign.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


Clan Yurei is a new Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


Yurei Chunin

It is said that the hammers borne by the Yurei Chunin were the very ones used to close the final links of chain that held the Yurei clan nobles to their battle barges when they were cast into the ocean. Cursed with the most vile hatred for the Ika, these weapons are as much symbols of that hatred as they are tools for revenge.


Super Dungeon Yurei Chunin


Yurei Chunin is a new Mini-Boss model for Super Dungeon.


Yurei Oni

Amongst the many warriors that were sent to the bottom of the sea during the Yurei rebellion. There were quite a few Oni from some of the outlying islands in the service of Lord Tomomori. Their strength was used to batter their way onto the Ika’s castle ships. It is of no difference now, as even in death, they are terrifying and powerful foes.


Super Dungeon Yurei Oni


Yurei Oni is a Mini-Boss model for Super Dungeon.


The Yurei are Available Now!


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