Community Spotlight: Drew Drescher

Community Spotlight: Drew Drescher

Community Spotlight:

Drew Drescher

Welcome to our new Community Spotlight feature. Ninja Division is always amazed at the incredible community of gamers and hobbyists that play, paint, write, and enjoy our games. We take an incredible amount of pleasure in seeing your wonderful creations. In Community Spotlight we'll show off some of these amazing pieces of work that inspire us.

Our first spotlight is on the works of Drew Drescher. Fans of Super Dungeon: Arena are no strangers to Drew's work, which featured his amazing warband. The Hero of his warband is a Mistmourn Shaman from the Mistmourn Coast Warband box. Not only is it incredibly painted, but small conversions of mushroom "wands" really make this Hero a fantastically themed leader for the warband.

The spawning points for Drew's warband are the Fungal Growths from the Emerald Valley Warband box. Drew used his color palette to great effect on these models with the manes of the truffle pigs tying to the mushroom caps, and the spots and brown coloration on the mushroom stems tying back to the pigs. Small details like using flock on the mushrooms to give them an extra earthy touch and runes on the pigs really take them to the next level. All while those bright pink eyes capture your attention!

Trent the Treant stars as the mini-boss of Drew's warband. Like his shaman, Trent features some wonderful conversions tying him in with the fungal theme from mushroom cap shoulders to a hand-sculpted mushroom "driver"!

When Drew isn't painting, he's also an active member of the Ninja Corps, chibi gamers Facebook group, and one of the judges of the Golden Kobold competition.

When he's not busy with all of that, he still churns out breathtaking miniatures, like this jaw-dropping Iron Golem conversion. We look forward to seeing more of Drew's work in the future! 

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