Community Spotlight: Gaëlle Laret

Community Spotlight: Gaëlle Laret


Community Spotlight: Gaëlle Laret

Over the years, Candy has had numerous different models released to represent her many and varied adventures.  Today we take a look at some of these iterations, painted by Gaëlle Laret of Hëralya's Art.


Hëralya's Art


Gaëlle is an active member on the on the French Team, Facebook fan page, and runs Hëralya's Art on Facebook and Twitch

This weekend, you'll be able to watch them in action as they paint Celebration Candy, on their Twitch channel, this Sunday, 20th June, at 11:00 UTC (6:00 EST, 4:00 PST).

Be sure to check them out and, in the meantime, let's take a look at their wonderful work!


Brave-Mode Candy

The Legendary Hero, Candy, has battled her way across the length and breadth of Crystalia.  Over the years she has learned many skills to help her on her adventures.  Yet, skill is nothing without the courage to use them in defense of Crystalia.  Fortunately, Brave-Mode Candy possesses courage aplenty, and her bravery is a bright light to all who join her.


Super Dungeon Brave-Mode Candy
Miniatures painted by Gaëlle Laret


Cowpuncher Candy

With her surprising blaster skills and can-do attitude, Candy has developed quite the reputation and a devoted fan following.  Originally a loner, she formed a special connection with the mysterious raider El Cola, and now there's no one she would rather have on her side. 

The two of them make one of the most effective bandit teams in all the outer rim.  She believes in El Cola's mission to collect loot and help those in need, but she does save what she can from her heists to someday fulfil her own dream; to sample every candy and soda shop in the core worlds.


Rail Raiders Infinite Cowpuncher Candy
Miniatures painted by Gaëlle Laret


Ice Climber Candy

"Those thieving orcs came through this way.  They met the kobolds here.  Looks like there was a scuffle.  After the dust settled they made camp together.  And over here ... over here .... is where they drank my soda.  They're all gonna pay!"

Ice Climber Candy is a Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature only available again through Sunday June 20th, 2021.


Super Dungeon Ice Climber Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


Kunoichi Candy

Throughout Crystalia, secretive ninja clans made their home in the remote corners of the realms.  Skilled assassins, ninjas' morals are bound only to their own archaic code of honor.  That a Hero as renowned as Candy was allowed to train in their shadowy arts is due only to her intrepid companion Cola, whose people have long been revered by the clans.


Super Dungeon Kunoichi Candy
Miniatures painted by Gaëlle Laret


Shadow-Mode Candy

What happens when a good soda goes bad?  Tricked into imbibing a cursed Shadow Soda the Dark Consul captured a shard of Candy's essence and spun it into living shadow.  Now the wicked, nether shadow doppelganger terrorizes Crystalia, sowing discord and confusion wherever she goes.


Super Dungeon Shadow-Mode Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


Soda Master Candy

Traveling far and wide, Candy and Cola search out new recipes to craft their delicious soda pop potions.  Carefully selecting the finest ingredients, they craft their bubbling brew.  After a batch is made, Cola tastes the new concoction, his tail twitching with excitement.  Candy monitors his reaction studiously as he drinks the soda down.  If his fur stands up on end and all three tails straighten with euphoria they have a winner!  The precious elixir is bottled and saved for use in the adventures to come.  Well, after a bottle or three are consumed immediately - just to double check.


Super Dungeon Soda Master Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


Songbird Candy

Candy is always up for entertaining a crowd while enjoying a cold ale or buttered beer.  Playing as the Wandering Minstrel, Candy's songbird voice can lift the lowest of spirits and bring a smile to the most dour faces.


Super Dungeon Songbird Candy
Miniatures painted by Gaëlle Laret


Star Princess Candy

The ultimate rebel, Star Princess Candy fights for justice throughout the galaxy with boldness, determination, and a knack to get out of the toughest situations.  Star Princess Candy has developed a knack for obtaining secret plans and codes which allow her to raid the rails with uncanny precision.


Super Dungeon Star Princess Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


Steelhorse Candy

Lost in a strange new land, Steelhorse candy rides through the dungeons of Crystalia searching for a way home.


Super Dungeon Steelhorse Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


Sweetheart Candy

Candy has travelled Crystalia far and wide, from training alongside Glimmerdusk Randers to studying the medicines of the healers of Celestia.  Along the way Candy has picked up many useful skills; even the most reclusive sects spill their secrets at her wit and charm.  Candy always uses this knowledge to aid her fellow adventurers, often being the first to come to the side of a fallen companion.


Super Dungeon Sweetheart Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


White Knight Candy

Candy is ever devoted to defending those who can't defend themselves.  Though, on occasion, she will also defend those who do not entirely need it.  Such are the ways of a White Knight.


Super Dungeon White Knight Candy
Miniature painted by Gaëlle Laret


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