Community Spotlight: Halloween Special

Community Spotlight: Halloween Special
Community Spotlight Title

Halloween Special

The Glauerdoom Moor is a grim and foreboding place by any measure. Its fetid fens and marshes remain perpetually shrouded beneath a grey fog. Its great cities have long since faded, their glory reduced to crumbling ruins and sinking towers. The landscape is dotted by vast mausoleums and endless crypts built to house the ever dwindling populations' dead.

In today’s Community Spotlight, we take a look at some spooky miniatures painted by a few of our community members.


Beatrix the Witch Queen and Nocturne painted by Simon Strauss


Gaëlle Laret

Gaëlle is an active member on the on the French Team, Facebook fan page, and runs Hëralya's Art on Facebook and Twitch.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel
Demon Queen Araphel painted by Gaëlle Laret


  Super Dungeon Hecate Vilehorn
Hecate Vilehorn painted by Gaëlle Laret


 Super Dungeon Onryo

Onryo painted by Gaëlle Laret


 Super Dungeon Shinigami
Shinigami painted by Gaëlle Laret



Audrey Col

Audrey is an active member on the French Team Facebook page and runs Millenia & Minis on Facebook and Instagram.  They can also be found streaming over on Twitch.

  Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch and Sister of Light painted by Audrey Col


Jarrod Kintzi

Jarrod is an active member on the USA Team Facebook page, alongside Simon Strauss (featured above).


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses
Autumn themed Trent painted by Jarrod Kintzi


Happy Halloween from the Glauerdoom Moor!


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