Community Spotlight: Halloween Special

Community Spotlight: Halloween Special
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Halloween Special

"We can wait no longer. We must try to escape—today. The sun has not quite risen; now is our greatest chance for success. Our last chance, I think. We cannot stand any more of this. The loneliness, the isolation, the constant and oppressive dread. If we had a solid enemy that we could see, instead of simply the twisted remains of my family, that would be something. A place to focus, to fight, I could ask for nothing more. Yet we have nothing. Only creeping fear and our dwindling numbers."
––– Alexi Rathk’s journal, upon his expedition to his ancestral home a decade after Von Drakk’s corruption, final entry.

In today’s Community Spotlight, we take a look at some spooky miniatures painted by various members of our community.

Drew Davis runs Team Drews Basement and is an enthusiastic collector of Super Dungeon, having played it since it first released, and has created his own fan work project; World of Super Dungeon Explorecraft. He can be found on Instagram, Twitch and Youtube.


Super Dungeon The Thresher

The Thresher by Drew Davis


Super Dungeon Jack Scarecrow
Jack Scarecrow by Drew Davis


Paintedfigs is one of the largest dedicated fantasy miniature painting services in the world. Since 2005, their team of painters and builders have provided high-quality service for their clients.


Super Dungeon Yurei Chunin
Clan Yurei and Yurei Chunin by Paintedfigs


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei
Clan Yurei by Paintedfigs


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei
Clan Yurei by Paintedfigs


Super Dungeon Yurei No Tomomori
Yurei No Tomomori by Paintedfigs


Jarrod is an active member on the USA Team Facebook page and passionate hobbyist who enjoys playing both Super Dungeon and Relic Knights.


Super Dungeon Shallow Grave
Dust Mage and Dread Knight by Jarrod Kintzi


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses
Autumn Themed Trent by Jarrod Kintzi


If you'd like to see your stuff featured as part of a future Community Spotlight, send us your best fiction, paint jobs, adventures, and other cool content to with the subject header "Community Spotlight", or tag us with @ninjadivision and use #ninjadivision on Instagram!


Happy Halloween!


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