Community Spotlight: Jenna O’Connor

Community Spotlight: Jenna O’Connor

Community Spotlight:

Jenna O’Connor aka Aella13

Today we take a look at another Australian’s work, Jenna O’Connor, also known to many of you as Aella13.


Arena Champion from Super Dungeon: Arena


Baron Von Drakk and Celestial Herald from Von Drakk's Manor





Jenna’s work has a beautiful tone and vibrancy of color that makes her models look like they’ve stepped straight out of your favorite anime or manga.


Nyan-NyanTabbybrook Water Mage, and Codifier Kisa


We’re particular fans of her work on Crystalia’s freyjan and tonnerian inhabitants. You don’t normally see these feline heroes painted in a completely anthropomorphic style and they look stunning!

Jenna also runs a YouTube channel as Aella13. There you can see all sorts of fantastic paint jobs and tutorials. We’re, of course, partial to her tutorials on Brave-Mode Candy and Tamamo No Mae.


Shadow-Mode Candy, Converted Soda Master Candy (card available with Brave-Mode Candy), and Brave-Mode Candy

 Watch the Brave-Mode Tutorial on YouTube!


Tamamo No Mae from the Clan Kitsune Warband

 Watch the Tamamo No Mae Tutorial on YouTube!


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A Facebook community page, from fans for fans.

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