Community Spotlight: Marijn Bierhof

Community Spotlight: Marijn Bierhof

Community Spotlight:

Marijn Bierhof

For this spotlight, we're going to give the mic to Marijn and let him take you through his work himself.

Hi! My name’s Marijn Bierhof and I’ve been into miniature games and board games for more than 20 years now. I started with a famous dungeon crawler from the 90s and throughout the years I played a lot of different games. Here in Groningen in the Netherlands I’ve been blessed with some great mates who love gaming and who like to play all kinds of different games too. We’re always on the lookout for new great games and miniatures. When the first edition of Super Dungeon Explore was released some years ago I was interested in getting a copy. The game sounded like a lot of fun, the models were fantastic and the boards spot on. But I was up to my neck in other games and projects and held back.

But then a year ago I had an opportunity to get an ‘Always Super’ Forgotten King pledge…and now I couldn’t stop myself. I got the game and was addicted to the game straight away. So, I bought more and more and then had a huge collection in no time, but none of the models were painted! Time to get some work done and start painting. In my experience, you need to finish some models to get into the flow and get the project going. I first rebased all of the models on plastic flagstone bases. All of my fantasy miniatures are based on these bases and now they would blend in with my entire collection, nice for mixing and matching!

Fireflow monsters from Caverns of Roxor


With the help of my airbrush, the fiery creatures were super easy to paint. White, light yellow, orange, red, fire done! Add some details and within about 2 nights of painting I finished my first spawn point.

Royal Paladin


This also gave the boost to start on my first hero. I decided to start with the Royal Paladin, a great all-around model to use for new players and what a terrific miniature to paint. Like with the fire monsters I kept the colors close to the artwork. And finally, I also wanted to paint a mini-boss and dungeon boss.


For the mini-boss I used Shadow Mode Candy, she seemed like an easy model. Like the Royal Paladin I used non-metal metal and followed the artwork. She went really fast, only the blade took me a while to get it the way I wanted it to be.

I still had a boss to finish. And that had to be Starfire, such a cool model! Like with the fire creatures I did most of him with an airbrush.

So now I have a good start: a finished hero, spawn point, mini-boss and dungeon boss. I’m now working on some slimes to use for my creeps and the next two spawn points are ready for some paint. 

If I continue the pace it shouldn’t take too long before I can play the entire game with painted miniatures. And then it’s time to paint the other 100+ SDE miniatures!

Thank you Marijn for a look at your growing painted collection of Super Dungeon!

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