Community Spotlight: Serraphine Bourke

Community Spotlight: Serraphine Bourke

Community Spotlight:

Serraphine Bourke

We are big fans of Serraphine's Tabbybrook Mage. The contrast of her blue garments and pink hair are super fun. We also love the orb on the mage's staff! Serraphine's Sister of Light has obviously been filled with the divine power of the Goddess and shine with some starstruck illumination.


With Kagejima being revealed as a continent in the Super Dungeon universe, we were excited when Serraphine shared Kunoichi Candy with us! She's looking incredible in her bright pink outfit. Of particular note are the freehand patterns Serraphine added to Candy, and those amazing, sparkling eyes. Speaking of sparkling eyes, Candy is joined by the loveable Mr. Chompers who is looking well suited to his pink and purple scheme!


The Emerald Valley Warband seems to be a favorite among painters, and who can deny the incredible opportunity the broad mushroom caps and growly stalks provide for displaying a painter's unique flair. Serraphine's earthy grey with pink spots is spot-on if we do say so ourselves! Glimmerwing's wings are also stunning with a wonderful glittery and sparkly design that is tied to the gem on her head.


Jack Scarecrow has never looked better with a bright orange and yellow glow that pops off the screen. We also love the rusty scythe, perfect for defending his chests of loot!

Serraphine also share some inspired Relic Knights works with us that we will share in a future article!


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