Community Spotlight: WoSDEC

Community Spotlight: WoSDEC
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In today’s Community Spotlight, we take a look at the wonderful project of World of Super Dungeon Explore Craft (WoSDEC) by Drew from Team Drew’s Basement.

Teams Drew’s Basement is a multiplatform, mixed bag of fun and adventure! Drew has been busy creating a companion rule set to be used with your games of Super Dungeon. WoSDEC is best described in the words of its creator.



Hello, my name is Drew Davis,

I have been a fan of Super Dungeon Explore since the release of the original box and metal minis (which I own a complete set of).  Since then, I have played and collected the game as regularly as possible.  My family and friends loved the game, and coming from MMO backgrounds, myself a Dungeon Master of 20+ years, I decided to create a story and campaign.


Drewthallion, Paladin of the Basement™

Drewthallion, Paladin of the Basement™


The more we played, the more I dove deeper into Crystalia and this rule set I was working on.  Eventually it would earn the name WoSDEC, a word you may have heard of regularly but, perhaps, more recently. 

World of Super Dungeon Explore Craft is a rule supplement that supports Arcade style play in a grand way of taking the game I love and making it a story.  You can fight through the complete story of the return of The Lady Of Plagues, an original character created for this ruleset. Then, eventually, to end game raiding where you face off against her and her bear, Mr.Buttons.


Obor, Hunter of the Basement, and his bear Chompers™
Obor, Hunter of the Basement, and his bear, Chompers™


I have created artwork for the game as well as a full-length rule book that includes things such as levelling characters, forming guilds, crafting, end game equipment, end game raids, and a new larger scale way to play, Mega-Dungeons.

This Sunday, 30th April, at 8:00 PM EST, I will be going live to reveal all the news, the future, and current status of WoSDEC. You can catch it live on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. If you can’t make it, the video will be on my YouTube and Twitch channels to watch following the live reveal.


Toons, Necromancer of the Basement™
Toons, Necromancer of the Basement™


I hope you can catch the live stream where I discuss all the aspects of the game and will take some questions, live, for anyone watching. Until then, thanks for being a part of the team.



WoSDEC has been granted additional support by Sodapop Studios. Ninja Division are not suppliers of or affiliated with this fan project. 



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