Community Spotlight: Yeji Kim of Snickernack Studios

Community Spotlight: Yeji Kim of Snickernack Studios

Community Spotlight:

Yeji Kim of Snickernack Studios

Yeji Kim of Snickernack Studios is a prolific painter, Twitch streamer, and lover of all things chibi. Let's take a look at some of her incredible work! 


The Tabbybrook Mage is a stunning example of Yeji's work. Of particular note are the sparkling eyes, and cherry blossom cape-work.


Speaking of cape-work, we were immediately drawn to the twilight starfield Yeji worked into the Twilight Knight's cape.


Survivor Marie-Claude from the Stilt Town Warband, is looking especially fine. We love the extra details added to her frying pan of a couple strips of bacon and drip of hot oil. Getting hit by that will really hurt!


The Celestial Herald from Von Drakk's Manor has always been a favorite of ours. The touches of red on her cheeks and bright pink feathers bring her to life beautifully!


You don't often see a succubus painted in a winter theme, but Yeji's playful rendition with a sculpted snowman and snow on her wings and head makes it apparent that even Succubus Vandella isn't above a little winter fun!

GenCon Livestream!

We mentioned above that Yeji live-streamed painting on Snickernack's Twitch channel, and we are excited to announce that she will be live-streaming straight from GenCon Saturday, August 4th from 10am-1pm PDT. During the stream she will be painting the House Cerberus Occultist. Be sure to follow the Snickernack channel so you don't miss out!

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