Cordelia and One-Shot Now Available!

Cordelia and One-Shot Now Available!

Combat Armor Cordelia and the One-Shot Pinup for Relic Knights have arrived!

Ninja Division Combat Armor Cordelia

Combat Armor Cordelia

Combat Armor Cordelia is looking ready for action! This stunning model is a painter's dream and that giant gun will make your opponents wish they had one! Included with Cordelia is a downloadable card for use in your games of Relic Knights: 2nd Edition!

Combat Armor Cordelia is a Radiant model which means she can be used by players of Cerci Speed Circuit, Shattered Sword, and Doctrine.

Relic Knights One Shot Pinup

One-Shot Pinup

One-Shot arrives with a stunning pinup Masterclass Miniature. This Limited Edition pinup version of One-Shot is a special treat for collectors and painters alike. We can't wait to see the awesome paint jobs she is sure to get from our incredible hobby community!

Both of these brand new Relic Knights miniatures are in stock and available now!


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