Corrupted Harvest: Lore

Corrupted Harvest: Lore
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The Corrupted Harvest

The moon hangs low in the dark sky, large and heavy with a golden hue cast through a ring of straggling clouds. A raven calls in the distance… caw caw… caw caw… and a small group of adventurers sit back-to-back in the middle of a field, torches out, watching the edge of a tall ring of corn stalks, and shaking in fear.


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest


“Come out and play…” comes a whisper from one direction.
“Don’t worry, we don’t bite…” comes another.


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest


The rustling in the corn draws closer, until only the glimmer of polished wooden buttons where eyes should be, reflect from the adventurer’s torches.

Looks like our heroes have wandered into a trap… and it’s going to be a long night!


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest


While most villagers are justifiably a superstitious bunch. It does not help when agents of the Dark Consul make their ways into the farmlands to wreak chaos and havoc. Many of the rural denizens have become “fed-up” with their field’s strawmen jumping down from their stilts to terrorize the locals. 


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest


Dark magic has imbued seemingly inert effigies set into the fields with unnatural life. Harvest Goons, Harvest Sacks, and Crow Eaters are all coming to help you bob for apples, serve a helping of the lands bounty and engage in some new festive activities.


Defend The Farm, Today!


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