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Crystal Shaper
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What’s Better than Snow Cones? Ask the Crystal Shaper.

In The Time Before, when only the Starlight Sea swirled within the cosmos, crystals were born in the etherium. Concentrated bits of arcana, emotion, and directionless will, the Goddess paired their primordial energy with her own to form Crystalia. Shapers tap into the Dark Realm to warp and reform crystals’ energies. While this can unlock incredible potential, it can also be easily abused.


Super Dungeon Crystal Shaper


If ever there was a great support character, the Crystal Shaper is an awesome addition to any party. She starts out with a modest WILL and ARM, a range 6 attack, and a move of 7 as befits her elven heritage. The root ability baked into her is Crystal Shaping. This ability allows her to discard an equipment card from the backpack at the start of her activation. She will then gain a boost to her stats based on the equipment slot the item was intended. Citrine items grant an additional Action, Emerald +2 Movement, Ruby adds an extra Red WILL, and Sapphire an extra Red ARM. These boosts stay active until the Shaper’s next activation!

In a whirl of glittering shards, the Crystal Shaper can cast Jagged Growth, encasing enemies hit within a Wave 1 and immobilizing them. Lending her amazing elemental powers, she can also enhance weapons and gear nearby. Crystal Encrusted has a range of 3 and allows the user to select and status effect token and place it on any piece of equipped gear the hero has. The Hero can then cause this status effect on their next activation, discarding the effect. Want a burning arrow? Done. A frozen hammer? Double Done. What horrible combinations can you think of?


Super Dungeon Crystal Shaper


Should thing ever start to look down for her and her party, she can always engage the Shimmering Concocation from her crystal hip flask. This potion doubles all ARM bonuses granted by any equipped item on a target hero or herself. Shiny!


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